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Figart, Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal

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Art Exhibitions

Jim Osborne, “The Steamy Windows Collection”

1st June to 4th July 2014

The Steamy  Windows Collection is a new departure for me Working very quickly with my finger on the steamy glass, I  create the mind’s cues for perception of a figure, or figures.

The background is provided by the real world behind the window caught with careful camera positioning, and captured before it is lost, seconds later.  Nothing but vapour and light.

Maria Mitchell, “Now and Again”

5th July to 8th August 2014

Maria Mitchell’s paintings depict specific and often recognisable Irish locations; her bold use of colour, flowers and strong design make them instantly recognisable..

Karen O’Kane, “Illumination”

9th August to 19th September 2014

Karen O’Kane works in her studion in Ramelton.  She uses a traditional Serti technique as well as a paint wash technique which give a fluid look to the designs on the silk.